Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Turn your existing flyer, post card or brochure into a Door Hanger! Door Hangers help you maximize your Real Estate Marketing impact efficiently. They are at the pinnacle of effectiveness in this rapidly evolving world of direct marketing strategies!

Door-To-Door marketing campaigns are the most economical and effective type of advertising in the Real Estate Marketing. This method puts the door hanger right where it needs to be – in the hands of the target clients. Real Estate Door hangers are an enormous way to communicate your message in your targeted neighbourhood.

The prime advantage of the Door Hanger’s delivery is that the consumer is far more likely to read it than direct mail. Since the door hanger is on the door knob, the consumer must physically remove it with his or her hand. This is the key point where the graphics and the copy must grab your target audience attention.
In Real Estate business Door Hangers can be a very good investment in your geographic area. Many Realtors do not even think about these as a possible tool, but you should. Here are five reasons to consider investing in a door hanger printing:
1. Great for Small Areas
It does not take very long to walk around a neighborhood and place hangers on door knobs. If you have a lot of target customers in a small area, this can be a very cost effective strategy. You can reach literally hundreds of customers in a very short amount of time. And if you are fortunate enough to have some people helping you out, you can cover an enormous amount of ground.
2. Can Have a Local Feel
Because you have to physically be present to place a door hanger neighbours know you are a local. This will usually give you a bit of a head start in their affections. Most people enjoy doing business with a company that is nearby them.
3. Personalized Contact
You can add a personal touch to your door hanger printing, too. If you are only targeting a small area, you can print something on your hangers that mentions the specific area, or even the neighborhood, which you are targeting. This gives an even more personalized and local feel to your ads, and could bring in some new clients.
4. They Ensure Communication

The very best marketing tool is face to face contact. If you are brave enough to embark on a door to door campaign, you will probably see a nice spike in revenue. Door hangers will come in handy, though, because you can place them at any house where nobody was home to meet with you. This way, you still make contact with the customers that you missed.

5. They Actually Get Read

When someone sees a door hanger on their door, they are almost certainly going to take a look at it. That is something that you cannot say about direct mailings. Most letters that you send out will simply get thrown in the trash. Door hangers are one of the few marketing tools available to you that you can be virtually certain will be read.