Feature Sheets

Full Colour Feature Sheets


In real estate, the feature sheets are one of the few examples of advertising your client can hold and what you produce can have a significant effect on your prospect/client’s impression of your professionalism, and a possible buyer’s impression of the home. We use beautiful templates to create 2-page and 4-page sheets. Real Estate feature sheet help you stand out from the crowd and it is one of the many effective tools that help you sell property quickly and easily. In addition to that feature sheets help create and enhance a professional image for your real estate business.


There are several types and different sizes of feature sheets in the Real Estate market, letter size, single sided and double sided, semi gloss, (80 or 100lb paper) or card stock, four panel feature sheets on 11×17 size with folding / scoring using high-resolution photographs and important property information.


We use high-end print quality, producing the most impressive real estate Feature Sheet home buyers get to see. Let your potential buyers see these, and then you’ll see how it works wonders for your real estate business.