Real Estate Postcards Works!

When it comes to marketing the secret is to catch your core audience attention. Once their attention has been grabbed, promoting your services or product becomes easier. In the real estate business there’s a method to promote your services with an attention grabbing tool, using real estate postcards!!


Postcards are an easy and effective way to gain the attention of your ideal clients. Want to know why effective real estate postcard marketing gets a good response?

Advantages of Real Estate Postcard Marketing
1. Effective Real Estate Postcard Campaigns Are Quick and Easy
Postcards work higher than alternative types of advertising because there is more that can be done with them to draw customers to your services. A postcard is one thing tangible that a client holds onto. Postcards can pop when the correct graphics are used.


2. Postcards are LITERALLY delivered Into Your Client’s Hands
Your real estate postcards are delivered to the door (or mailbox) of the individuals you have defined as the best potential audience for the message you are sending.


3. A Postcard Requires No Effort from the Potential Client
Unlike a letter, the postcard is already “open” and the message is delivered with the first glance. This is why a compelling message is so important to ensure a good postcard marketing response. A real estate postcard will give you a client’s undivided attention, but only for a second before they decide if what you are saying is interesting. If it is, they will read more. If not… they will toss it away. Your message must command a response.
4. Postcards Have Little Competition
Unlike email; there are just a few “competing” pieces of mail delivered to a home daily (Compare that to the hundreds of emails an individual may see at once!) So your real estate postcard gets more attention than an email would.


5. Real Estate Postcard Marketing is comparatively inexpensive
Unlike regular postage, unaddressed mail is the lowest cost delivery service by Canada Post. Real Estate Professional can send items to particular localities or postal codes, and they arrive together with the regular mail.

The items you send don’t contain a specific name for delivery, but may feature a title such as ‘To the householder’. Many Real Estate Brokerage offices have preferred customer rates offered by Canada Post for their agents.


These are simply some of the ways that can give you the best results from your own real estate postcard campaigns?